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Hokkaido Wonderland of Japan in Winter

There are a lot of things that are considered the norms in all walks of life. You are almost always expected to do anything according to said norms in order to get maximum results as they are considered as the sure path to success – before you make a decision, you are simply expected to check on how people do it and go with whatever they say. Similar thing happens in traveling as well. People tend to make their itineraries according to somebody else’s and often, they do not take it with a grain of salt – fearing if they tweak it, their vacation will be a bust. While I can understand you do not want to end up having a horrible vacation, especially after spending all of your hard-earned money, I still think it’s silly. You shouldn’t let your fears stop you from making your own informed decision.

You should visit Japan in Spring!

One of the most repeated advices numerous people can possibly give you is this: the best time to visit Japan is during the spring season. While it’s true that one of the things that Japan is famous for is its Sakura bloom. Sakura is beautiful and the fun atmosphere in the parks that are filled to the brim with people having picnic and karaoke with their colleagues and family is undeniable, but who says it’s the only time one should visit Japan? That’s right, you do not need to discard your winter vacation plan! Not everyone can afford going there in the Spring; some can only take days off work and school during winter and it’s perfectly fine. All you have to do is go there anyway and prove them wrong. Here is a list of ideas for your winter Japan trip!

Hokkaido: Japan’s winter wonderland

Winter vacation in Japan calls for a Hokkaido visit. Head over to Niseko Village, its stunning landscape will definitely take your breath away! This village is the right combination of sophisticated luxury, great adventures, and mother nature’s beauty – you can wander around enjoying the beauty, ski or snow raft around the village, or even reindeer sled! When you are done enjoying yourself, you can capture the beauty of Mt. Usu from its infamous cable car, or visit Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden, the biggest dessert factory in Hokkaido. Need a bit of warmth? Hokkaido is filled with great natural hot springs (or onsen, in Japanese). Yunokawa onsen in Hakodate is the oldest onsen in Hokkaido with the breathtaking ocean view – nothing can soothe your nerves quite like soaking in a hot spring with such beauty. Wishing for a more secluded and rural Japanese view? Sounkyo Onsen is your best bet. Located in a valley somewhere in Daisetsu Mountain area, this onsen has an exceptional view of waterfall and more!

Visiting Hokkaido in Winter also means one thing: Sapporo Snow Festival. This annual festival will make you see beauty like you have never before! Sapporo showcases spectacular ice sculptures as well as snow sculptures you can see from an observatory deck or closely; not only that, there are also unique snow statues and musical concert. Still think Japan is only beautiful in the Spring?

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